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Essential Gadgets is here to serve and offer you the best devices you need daily. All the essential gadgets you need are here at the best and most reasonable prices.

Our Inspiration

We are passionate about technology and innovations, more importantly on how they can be used for the benefit of customers from all walks of life to make everyday living easier. Our founder Maiky Rivera, A young men entrepreneur and IT expert who is passionate about technology and the future, saw the need to establish an online store that offers everyday household items that people need, to make life easier and less stressful. Essential Gadgets hopes to serve people from all walks of life to increase daily efficiency, both, at work and at home.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people become more efficient and productive with the help of devices necessary for stress-free everyday living. Essential gadgets that help customers lives easier and that you can use from sun up until sundown. The more customers we serve, the better and stress-free life can be, so you have more time to be with loved ones and family. Essential Gadgets is at the forefront of providing devices with full market potential which are available to customers at reasonable prices. Full market potential means items with everyday use and technologically innovative to make daily work whether at home or on the job more efficient and stress-free.

Our Mission

We want to be your number 1 source for devices and gadgets that are essential for everyday life. We provide not just the products but also the information on each item’s efficiency and compliance to the needs of customers as well as their foremost benefits. Essential Gadgets mission is to provide products that are innovative, technologically advanced and smart to give customers convenience. We are very passionate about technology and how it can best serve people from all walks of life and on their everyday living. We have essential gadgets that meet today’s living standards.

Customers Come First

We put our customers first, with the variety of products we provide and the services we offer. We provide excellent customer service through our chat and Contact us pages. We are here 24/7 to answer any queries and provide in-depth information on our products, shipping, and return policy. We also provide a shuttle delivery service to guarantee all products are delivered on time and damage free!

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